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Specializing in the Optimization of Real Estate Assets

     Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Mixed Use

The Tall Grass Group LLC offers a comprehensive array of services that covers every aspect of real estate development, construction and asset management. We can provide turn-key development and management services, or depending on the nature of the assignment, utilize a combination of services listed below to develop and implement a sound strategy that will maximize the value of your asset, while minimizing risk.

Regulatory and Due Diligence Services Confirm entitlements, regulatory requirements, permits status and take actions to preserve.Identify and solve environmental problems and obtain approvals .Resolve environmental penalties. Zoning analysis and rezoning as needed.

Planning, Development and Construction Analyze land plan and reposition as appropriate. Confirm existence of proper erosion control procedures.Manage wide range of construction including land development, horizontal and vertical construction in multiple settings. Value engineer construction plans to reduce future costs. Analyze infrastructure status and outstanding contracts, and identify, engage and manage contractors. Analyze construction status (homes and amenities) and engage and manage contractors. Analyze status of bonds and letters of credit and renegotiate as necessary.

Financial Controls Review of all current financial controls and implement new controls and procedures as required. Analyze all operational expenses and make recommendations for cost reductions. Develop project cash flow and business plan. Evaluate insurance coverage and costs.

Operations Review operational and financial procedures, and implement revised controls and procedures as required. Review and analyze budget projections and marketing plans. Investigate condition of physical facilities.Confirm existence of licensed personnel as required (pool, pesticides, etc.) Develop and implement strategies to eliminate financial issues.

Reporting Procedures Court reporting as required for Receiverships. Weekly sales and traffic reports. Bi-weekly project status conferences. Monthly report of financial activity. Quarterly budget and business plan review and adjustment. Customized reporting suitable for presentations to all levels of management.